As everyone knows…

● There are only two kinds of reader in this world – the brilliant, sensitive, imaginative people who read my books and the dull, insensitive, unimaginative brutes who don’t.

● And here is the latest reading only discriminating readers like you (and me) want:

● First, another classy but tough classic Western, The Bountyhunter, continues the tale of a young and accidental gunfighter searching for a life free of hate and revenge in the chaotic years after the U.S. Civil War.

● Next, a psychological horror story, In the Season of Poison, of a man seduced by the frights of the jungle into believing what he cannot believe.

● If, when you finish this book, you don’t find yourself clapping hands when you come home at night to drive the geckos and lonely spirits up the walls and into the dreamy gloom of the ceiling, then you’re a tougher man or woman than I.

You can order these books from Amazon by clicking the covers.

Next in thrillers…

● With the Harry Seaburn Series of comic crime capers done (7 books, a nice, round number), I’m filling out the series’ backstory with short stories about the one-legged thief Bitter Bob and those kidnappers who never get anything right. Plus a spin-off mystery novel featuring the pacifist-sniper-hippie swampwoman Marjorie (AKA Tang Gramophone Weinstock III) from one of Harry’s wildest heist capers.

● I’ve done a first draft of The Long Run, next in the Dirty Wars Series, featuring a failed helicopter breakout from a Bolivian prison in the high Andes.

● And – by popular demand – I’m working up a sequel to Running in Heels telling the even tougher half of the story of a woman who changes from wimp to hero as she steals back a fortune stolen from her which she accidentally stole from a psychopath.

Just Shoot Me is a gritty and comic retelling of an Agatha Christie mystery in which I believe the master of the genre nailed for murder the wrong (and quite innocent) suspect.  This novel intends to put things right.

Next in war stories…

● I’m halfway through drafting the sardonic comedy of War and the Newby about how young soldiers become old soldiers, if they’re very, very careful. With luck, I’ll have it ready for Christmas gift-giving, if you really want to give your giftees something that bites and won’t let go.

Promises, promises!

● All this, if I use all ten fingers on the keyboard, is set for publication in 2017, along with another installment in the saga of an accidental gunfighter, The Vigilante.

☼ Cheers and thanks for asking!