New Releases

Because readers ask, I’m happy to tell the backstories for all my books, and here are the backstories for the newest releases, or as much as I can manage right now (more details to follow, guaranteed).


icm_fullxfull.86962295_ieh215g8e60www8swcsk FINAL


I’ll tell you all about the backstory to this spooky and mind-boggling tale set in Burma in a year unfixed as soon as the novel is published, which will be soon soon soon. UPDATE: Yes, the book is now available through Amazon. No, I won’t give you the backstory, after all. I lived too much of it in Burma and you wouldn’t believe me. Read the book, instead, and, if you don’t find yourself clapping hands when you come home at night to drive the geckos and lonely spirits up the walls and into the dreamy gloom around the ceiling, then you’re a tougher man or woman than I.



The Killing Hour - High Resolution




Backstory to follow! Meantime, be good and click the image to order on Amazon.