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 dadcartoonjpgYeah!  The Harry Seaburn Thriller Series debuted in January 2015 with The Feathered Virgin, the first of seven books telling the wild and mordantly comic story of a thief who is tough, brash, running on empty and wants a good woman, anybody’s good woman, but he tends to kill people.   A new novel follows every month until Harry’s final caper in July 2015.

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 Now check out Harry’s own thoughts on his debut novel:

The Joy of Crime(writing)

by Harry Seaburn

I’ve been told that in the pages of some of the better magazines I have been accused of encouraging criminality by my thrillers making it all seem like great fun. Yeah, well, it is. Great fun, I mean.

Also hard, hard work. I’m like most crooks – a happy, lazy man. I don’t like work, hard or any other kind. I prefer the quiet life with a beautiful, intelligent woman – your woman, perhaps? – than to be out grubbing around for a living. If you call rough work like rescuing maidens from burning yachts and stealing million-dollar paintings from museums floating in shark-infested seas fun (that’s in The Feathered Virgin), well, you need a shrink more than I.

On the other hand, and at the risk of offending my readers’ well-known sensibilities – of course, if you had any of those you wouldn’t be reading my life story, you’d be wallowing in tea cozy mysteries or over-educated police procedurals. Whoa, back to the point: people read about me because crooks are attractive. We are fun. We let our emotions run away. We feel a compulsion and we compulse.

Most of all, we don’t care about consequences. If I want to throw a man down the stairs in a restaurant, I do. Then I sit down to lunch. If I want to make a pass at the prettiest girl within seven leagues when her husband turns away, I do, and take the slapping or the punching if I’m not fast enough to run for it.

People like me do what we want. What can be more appealing than that? We have so much fun being bad you just can’t resist us. Go ahead, read The Feathered Virgin and just try to resist me. Ha!

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Now for too much about Steven Hardesty

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