Too much about Steven Hardesty

War and thriller novelist, sci-fi, indie publisher, hungry traveler, military historian, Vietnam vet '68-69 still trying to figure things out.  Worked in Burma, Iran, Saudi Arabia, more. Grand places, tough living.

I like the tastes and smells of old bazaars. Seeing a desert rose bloom through snow beside a minaret. Standing in a haunted silver mine on a mountainside overlooking a jungle city. Stepping aside to let elephants pass on a Mandalay street. Drifting off to sleep listening to the baby cries of tigers in the hills. Meeting all the many kinds of people the world offers - grand, tough, exciting and sometimes terrible. Watching my child being born and thinking her the greatest adventure of all.

I write about these and other things in my novels, short stories and this blog.

Oh, yes, for those who like to read dusty back issues, I'm Rafe van Zanzs in some places like Science Fiction Review and Arthur Cuff in others, such as Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine.  Also Kit Maples for romantic comedies and epic fantasies and Caz Canowurf for general nuisance.