Woman on Fire

I’m not so sure I was inspired to write Running in Heels so much as badgered into it. It’s the story of a lonely and self-hating woman named Kathryn Teal who is adrift in life but discovers that stealing a fortune (by accident) is all too easy while keeping it (on purpose) is tough, tough, tough.

The thing is, Kathryn wasn’t supposed to be in the book at all. I planned the story for a male protagonist. But when I’d written the first line, there she was, staring back at me and daring me to cut her out of her story.

Kathryn took over the novel, lock, stock and down to the last exclamation mark, and believe me I was making a lot of exclamations by the time I keyed the last words.

Thing is, I like her.  Admire her, even.  Grateful she did what she did to my story.

And, thanks to poplar demand, I’ve decided to tell the second half of her story, of what Kathryn becomes after she’s had a taste for a wild streak of fortune (good, bad and badder).  What will I call the sequel?  Why, Stalking in Heels, of course!

Because it’s the story of getting back the fortune stolen from Kathryn by the woman from whom Kathryn first stole it, and, yes, that convolution is as hard for me to figure out as it will be for Kathryn to get rich again.  And stay rich (maybe).